• Welcome to Jambo, your new social ecosystem

    Combining Social Productivity and Social Play in one app.


    How often do we need to leave our chat app to get or do something?


    Can we put all of your social experiences, your tools and your games right in your chat thread?


    Say hello to Jambo, the chat app which puts everything you need right in your chat thread.

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    Coming soon for iOS


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  • What is Jambo?

    Jambo combines games with chat and more...


    We love to gab.

    OMG. LOL. BTW, did you know that on average people send 4,000 text messages a month?


    Texting has changed the way people communicate, and with Jambo, we are making that much more fun.


    We love to play.

    Second to texting, gaming is king on mobile devices. Now your two loves never have to be apart.


    Play games right in your texting app! Play alone or challenge friends to a game.


    We love to mix it up.

    Taunt your friends when you beat their high score.


    Use our real-time characters to broadcast your achievement with the most respectable gesture you can think of. ;)


    Check it off

    (Coming Soon) With Jambo, you don't need to leave your chat app to create a task.


    Just drag the text bubble to the taskbar and Jambo will keep track of all those honey-dos.


    Don't forget the milk

    (Coming Soon) With Jambo, you can track your shopping list right from chat.


    Just have your friend send you the shopping list and you can both track it while at the store.

  • Your new social ecosystem

    Jambo brings social, tools and games right into your threads.

    In jambo, our server is the concierge. 


    When you use a Jambo tool, the data gets shared with everyone in the thread automagically. You don’t have to cut, copy or paste into your thread, Your friends see it when you do.

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